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Carpet Cleaning in Dupont, CO and Metro Denver Colorado Area

Since 1979 Carpet Cleaning in Dupont Metro Denver, Colorado has been providing detailed, excellent, and unparalleled carpet, upholstery, and air duct cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers in the Metro Dupont, Colorado area. Our teams of highly trained, uniformed professionals provide unmatched service making them the best people to have when you need your air ducts, carpets, or upholstery cleaned in the Metro Dupont area. Looking for carpet cleaning services in Dupont, CO? We are committed to providing honest, trustworthy, and professional carpet, air duct, & upholstery cleaning service for your home or business all around the Dupont, CO metro area. We never have hidden fees, and we do not have trip charges. All our technicians are professionally trained, uniformed, and insured and are committed to providing the best, most prompt and courteous carpet, upholstery, & air duct treatment available.

Upholstery Cleaning in Dupont, CO

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning in Dupont, CO products are safe and non-toxic to children and pets. Our highly trained professionals can answer all your questions with regards to chemicals and tough stain removal.

Our safe, non-toxic carpet cleaning system does not leave any dangerous chemicals behind, and if already present, we can assist in their removal, leaving a much more pleasant and healthier environment.

Carpets can get stains from excessive traffic due to rain and snow conditions, accidental spills, and pet activity. These stains can give your carpets an old and worn out look. Unsightly stains and spots in carpets are not easily cleaned. Our highly trained technicians specialize in spot and stain removal and can get rid of most spots and stains from your carpets and upholstery. If you require pre-treatment due to excessive traffic, spills or staining, our expert technicians can resolve these issues and can remove these stains without damage to your carpets and upholstery. If it can be cleaned,we can clean it!

Carpet Stain Removal in Dupont, CO

Once we clean your carpets, you may want to reduce future cleaning costs by having us apply a carpet protector. We have a variety of carpet protectors including ScotchGuard and Teflon. Our technicians are experts and will advise you of the best solution for your carpet and traffic conditions. These products will protect your carpet from spills and accidents and will leave your carpets looking fresher longer. The application of the protector will not change the texture, color or feel of your carpets.

One advantage of the protector is an easier-to-clean carpet, which will save you money. Most dry spills are easily vacuumed, and spills can be spot cleaned in a jiffy when compared to an untreated carpet. We provide carpet stain removal in Dupont, CO. Once you have treated your carpets, you can expect a cleaner carpet that lasts two to three times longer than an unprotected carpet. Carpet protectors are the perfect solution for high traffic zones and spill prone areas.

Pets sometimes can have carpet accidents that may cause stain and odor problems. We use enzyme products that, when applied to soiled carpet areas, will deep clean the carpet along with any odor-producing residue. These products will not discolor or damage your carpets.

We use the latest carpet cleaning technologies and carpet cleaning tools and solutions to clean and eliminate even the toughest pet stains and odors. We will do everything possible to remove the stains, spots and odors in order to save your carpet from having to be replaced.

Our advanced carpet cleaning methods are non-toxic and safe so there is no health concerns for your family.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Dupont, CO

Quality area rug cleaning requires a high level of knowledge and experience. Our professionals are specially trained to clean and care for your oriental and area rugs. We use the same expertise on your oriental and area rugs that we use on your wall-to-wall carpeting. Our oriental and area rug cleaning methods do not saturate your rugs. Oriental Rug Cleaning in Dupont, CO. Therefore if all you need to have cleaned is your oriental or area rug, moisture will not go through to the carpet or hardwood floor beneath.

All oriental and area rugs will be professionally cleaned in your home or business. We prefer to clean area rugs on site so we can provide you with the best quality and the best prices. Cleaning your rugs on site eliminates any charges associated with pickup or delivery, as well as fees that some companies may add to cover the overhead cost of a separate center dedicated to the cleaning of oriental and area rugs. Take advantage of our professionals' expertise and ask for a quote today.

Your home, car and furniture may be some of your biggest investments. Our professionals can protect your investment by treating your fabrics with the right solutions and tools. Our professional upholstery cleaning technicians are specially trained to recognize and take care of all different types of fabrics. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians will identify the fabric type before selecting the proper cleaning solution. Specially designed upholstery cleaning tools support our technicians' efforts to ensure that your furniture and auto upholstery is completely protected and gets completely clean. We always choose the safest and most effective method to clean your fabrics.

Carpet Repair in Dupont, CO

Do you have spots on your carpet that look like this? Then you need to call Carpet Repair in Dupont, CO now! We provide carpet repair and stretching services. As time goes by, carpets may need some damage repair or stretching. Removing ripples and stretching your carpets after a deep cleaning can often provide you with near-new looking carpets. Whatever the damage or service, we have the solution for you. Our highly trained and insured professionals can perform any of the following services.

Wax Removal in Dupont, CO
Ripple Removal in Dupont, CO
Re-Stretching in Dupont, CO
Re-Installation Following Flooding Or Fire in Dupont, CO
Cigarette or Iron Burn Repair in Dupont, CO
Bleach and Toxic Substance Removal in Dupont, CO
Patching Tears in Dupont, CO

Water Exraction and Flood Damage Repair in Dupont, CO - Metro Dupont Area

Since 1979 Dupont carpet cleaning of metro Dupont Colorado area has been helping residential and commercial clients in the Dupont, CO Metro area recover from flood damage by providing fast, efficient water extraction and restoration service. Our technicians are trained professionals, who use only the best state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property as thoroughly as possible after water damage from a flood, failed plumbing, or any other water source.


Some may say, "We don't live in a coastal city. Why would we need water or flood damage restoration here in Colorado? Well, how about the flooding that occurred in the fall of 2013? Many Front Range residents and businesses experienced first hand the type of water damage that can result from flash flooding due to excessive rain. Of course we all have indoor plumbing, and broken pipes can be another cause of commercial and residential water damage. Faulty faucets or toilets, bad supply lines to the bath tub or shower, washing machines, even the small line that feeds the ice maker in your freezer, all of these can be sources of water damage if things go wrong. And if they do, A1 Red Carpet is here to help you restore your property to the condition it was in before the flood or water damage occurred.

Call 303-322-5131 any time day or night for emergency water & flood damage repair in the Dupont, Colorado metro area.

Here is some information to keep in mind from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IIBHS) when considering the possibility of damage to your home or property due to water or flooding.

  • Plumbing supply line failure is the single leading cause of residential water damage with 65% of failures being caused by failed pipes themselves and 18% by frozen pipes.
  • The second leading cause of residential water damage is toilet failures, usually caused by faulty supply lines, toilet flanges, fill valve assemblies or toilets that have backed up and overflowed.
  • When a water heater reaches 5 years old, its chances of leaking or even bursting increase significantly, and almost 3/4 of all water heaters fail before they reach 12 years old.
  • Washing machine failures are one of the top 10 causes of residential water damage, and failed supply lines were involved more than 50% of the time. When failed supply lines were involved, 42% of the washers were between 8 and 10 years old.
  • Drain system failures are one of the top five causes of residential water damage.


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We provide 24/7 water extraction service. If your home has a flood or water spill call us now and we will be on site to help fix your flood issues!